Updating from 1.2.1 to 1.3
Version 1.3 completely changed how the config file is organized and how the plugin handles permission groups. This guide will show you how to update if you are using 1.2.1. It is recommended to completely wipe your config so a new one can be generated.
The first big change is removing the required tabcompleter.groups.GROUPNAME permission. The plugin will look for your permission plugin's group instead. You do not need to give groups this permission anymore. You can safely remove it. You group names in the config must match your permission plugin's group names. For example, if your permission plugin has a group called admin, then you must set the name in the config to use admin.
The second big change is the removal of the inheritance feature. This was already broken to begin with, so it was removed to make things easier. You will have to add all commands in all groups. For example, if you wish to allow all groups the command /help, you must add it to all groups in the config.
Last modified 18d ago
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