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This page is based on version 1.4.


Set the enchantment level range. It will choose a random value between these two numbers.
  • min
    • The minimum enchantment level.
  • max
    • The maximum enchantment level.


Set how many enchantments you want on the items.
  • min
    • Minimum number of enchantments.
  • max
    • Maximum number of enchantments.
  • one-enchant
    • If you want 1 enchantment on all items instead of multiple, set this to true.


This let's you disable/enable certain items from being enchanted when you craft them. Simply change any value to false to disable them.


You can disable certain materials from being enchanted. This will disable all tools and armor of that type from being enchanted. Simply change any of them to false to disable them.


This list will hold all enchantments that are in the pool for randomization. This list by default will hold all enchantments. If you wish to remove any, just remove them from this list.
A list of all enchantment IDs can be found here.


Since the enchantments are randomized, some items will have "unsupported" enchantments on then. Sharpness on armor, protection on tools, etc. If you want the items to be enchanted with correct enchantments, set this to false. This will enchant tools and armor with the correct ones rather than any random ones.


Want to enchant literally everything you craft? Enable this then. It will override all of the options above to disable certain tools/armor/materials.
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