Command Usage

/home <name>

Teleport to a specified home.


List all your homes you set. If you have the GUI enabled in the configuration, a GUI will appear. You can click on the beds to teleport.
If you do not have the GUI enabled, a list will display instead in chat. You can click the names in chat to teleport.

/sethome <name>

Create a new home where you are standing. Specify a name for this new home.

/delhome <name>

Delete a home.

/updatehome <name>

Update a home’s location with your current location.

/where <home>

Display the location of a home.

/respawnhome set/remove

Set or remove a respawn home. To set one, do /respawnhome set <home>. To remove the current one, do /respawnhome remove. To see more information about respawn homes, go here.


Permission: ezhomes.reload
Reloads the configuration.
Last modified 5mo ago