If something is missing from your configuration file, delete the file and restart your server!
This page is based on version 1.4.2.


Allows you to change the command to something else. If another plugin uses /info, you can change the command here so they do not overlap. This requires a full server restart in order to change this option.


This date is when you started your server/world. This date must be formatted to be MM/DD/YYYY. You also need to have zeros for single digits. For example, do not do 5/27/2019. You would instead use 05/27/2019. Notice the zero filling in the gap.


Change how the date is formatted on the command. If you use a different format, you can set the format here.
To set the format, you must use formatting codes. These are the codes you can use.
This can be tricky to get, so here are some example formats.
  • M/dd/yyyy โ€“ 5/27/2019.
  • MMMM d, yyyy โ€“ May 27, 2019.


These are the worlds that will be included in the world size calculation. You shouldn't need to change this if you don't have any other worlds or did not change the default name. For the few people out there, you can change the world names here. You can also add more if you have more worlds.


Change what the command looks like.
There are some keywords to use:
  • {{STARTDATE}} โ€“ Shows the formatted start date.
  • {{DAYS}} โ€“ Shows how many days passed since the start date.
  • {{WORLDSIZE}} โ€“ Shows the world size.
  • {{TOTALJOINS}} โ€“ Shows total unique joins.


Do you want the command to require certain permissions to run? Set this to true if so.


If you wish to require certain permissions to run the command, set the permission node here. You shouldn't need to change this, but you can. Whatever is set here is what you give to players.
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